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Rivers Women Cooperative Federation Alliance Limited
Rivers Women Cooperative Federation Alliance Limited


Rivers Women Cooperative Federation Alliance Limited 

(RIWCOFA) is a co-operative duly registered under the 

cooperative act of the federal republic of Nigeria. The 

the foundation of the co-operative is the strength of various 

women from all parts of Rivers State, coming together with 

the same ideology and the willpower to ensure that women 

in their various Local Governments in the state partake in the 

development of our dear families, communities, local governments, 

state and nation through personal and collective efforts, 

assistance/support from government and non-government 

agencies; (MDGS) Millennium Development Goals, (MSME)

Macro Small Medium Enterprise etc.

the mission of the cooperative is to be the mouthpiece of all women cooperatives in Rivers State, 

identifying, uniting, representing, promoting, purposefully organizing and leading the women folks in the 

state who are involved in corporative endeavours to achieve their set objectives.


Rivers Women Cooperative Federation Alliance Limited (RIWCOFA) envisions being the famous co-operative leader in the state attracting recognition, respect and attention for all women engaged in cooperative enterprises in the state and Nigeria. We shall do this by continuously identifying, activating, 

developing and positioning the limitless potentials and capacity of women through practical engagement 

with the economy, government, the public, privates and the international communities.

Core Values

RIWCOFA believes in the value of self-help, democracy, social responsibility, equality, equity, solidarity and ethical values of honesty, openness, self-responsibility and caring for others.


The pre-occupation of RIWCOFA is to identify, promote, unite, and represent women's co-operative across 

the state, Nigeria and beyond by mobilizing and helping women to organise themselves through working 

reviewing, and exchanging ideas together. We intend to achieve this through

1. Representing the women's co-operative movement to make it possible for our members to achieve 

the technical, legal, and financial support necessary to actualize their dreams. We are the mouthpiece 

of women co-operatives which exist to ensure social, economic, and cultural transformation for all 

worthy endeavours of women in a sustainable way. 

2. Fostering and strengthening women's co-operatives, good governance and inclusiveness in all 

issues that can improve the livelihood of all women in co-operatives. We shall collaborate with 

other sister co-operative movements to promote co-operatives as member-owned, people-centred, and principle-driven forms of business enterprise.

3. Serving our members by providing platforms where they can pull their resources, expertise and 

experience to build financial, technical and entrepreneurial managerial strength resilience and 



1. To be the mouthpiece of women's co-operative in the state and undertake advocacy on issues 

affecting women's co-operative in the state and beyond

2. To monitor RIWCOFA's achievements in providing effective and efficient services for women cooperatives in the state.

3. To facilitate the practice of thrift, savings, deposits and related services for providence uses by 


4. To support ICA initiatives and collaborate with willing organizations both government and non-government.

4. To support ICA initiatives and collaborate with willing organizations both government and non-government.

5. Effectively collaborate with development partners including the central bank of Nigeria, 

development bank of Nigeria, federal ministry of national planning/national planning commission, 

federal ministry of women's affairs, bank of agriculture, bank of industry, and other relevant MDAs 

and international development partners to enhance the performance of women co-operatives in 

addressing the felt needs of members and their communities in the state, Nigeria and beyond.

Covid-19 Support

Rivers women cooperative gave out business support programs and loans to help women to scale up their businesses and be stable.