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African Fashion Development and Empowerment Centre (AFDEC)
African Fashion Development and Empowerment Centre (AFDEC)

African Fashion Development and Empowerment Centre (AFDEC) is a Non - Governmental Organization, that provides economic empowerment and supports for creative women and girls in Africa, inspiring them to use fashion, culture and crafts as a means to end poverty and bridge cultural diversity.

AFDEC gives creative indigenous women the necessary opportunities and platforms they need to learn, access funding, markets, community and connections for personal and sustainable fashion enterprise growth.

We currently have a fast growing community of over 3000 women-owned fashion MSME's across 36 states of Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our community comprises brands ranging from apparel and textile designers, crafts and accessories manufacturers, fashion and hair stylists, fashion merchants etc

Our goal is to empower 10000 more women enterprises by 2025

Covid-19 Support

The COVID-19 pandemic came with a lot of challenges but AFDEC rose above the challenge through our support interventions which included :

1) 1 million face masks project - Where members of the AFDEC community produced over 1million facemasks while donating over 100,000 to various vulnerable communities, public hospitals, schools, markets etc

2) Provision of Palliatives for Members - AFDEC supported vulnerable groups especially enterprises run by elderly women, single mothers, widows etc with food during the pandemic

3) Providing Financial support and Business Funding information to members across Nigeria

4) Job Opportunities - Collaborative and cluster production of Personal Protective Equipment's for COVID-19 front liners and general masses and vulnerable communities

5) Mental Health Support services etc

6) Online trainings and provision of relevant up to date, verified fashion business information and opportunities