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Association of Women in Trade and Agriculture (AWITA)
Association of Women in Trade and Agriculture (AWITA)


The Association of Women in Trade and Agriculture (AWITA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Nigerian Women in Trade and Agriculture to harness the rich population of Women in Trade, Agriculture and related Supply Chain. AWITA is poised to promoting Women Economic Empowerment, Gender Equality and Positive impact through strategic trade and agricultural engagements.

AWITA is conspicuously present in the 36 States of Nigeria with compact year- round activities to drive home the projects and programs of the Federal Government and Regional Commissions towards trade and agriculture. Our activities in the 6 geo-political zones since inauguration have been outstanding. We have chosen the path of Training, Empowerment, Exposure and Mentorship (T.E.E.M.). AWITA is T.E.E.M. for Women in Trade and Agriculture in Nigeria.


To promote women’s economic empowerment equality that impacts on the gender dimension of trade.


Promote more inclusive trade, where benefits are shared more widely for the attainment of the social development goal.


In Nigeria, like most other nations the population of women is almost equal to that of men, yet women are relegated to the background, despite their profound strength and hard work. This also plays in civil society organizations which are led by men and the issues/concerns of women are treated at an appendage of the organization instead of being mainstreamed. This gives rise to the development of “women wings” which does not truly represent the aspirations, issues and concerns of women. The economic power of women enhances the well-being of every nation and there cannot be a true democratic governance without the inclusion of women. Unless the roles of marginalized groups are acknowledged and well recognized, the pace towards a developed country may be slow. When women are included in any development process, it hastens development.




Need for women to consolidate and ensure women’s-stand-alone organization and not appendages of other organizations to ensure concentrated promotion of women issues and concerns in line with the BPA

It is in this regard that the Association of Women in Trade & Agriculture (AWITA) a Non-Governmental Association of Women Traders, Farmers, Agriprenuers and service providers in and outside Nigeria is birthed.

A fervent drive to create and develop a platform through which the voices of the informal sector women can be heard.

Nothing for us without us. AWITA has adopted a wholistic and integrated strategy towards having the necessary context, within which we can actively participate in trade and agriculture.


One person is too small a number to achieve greatness. When women are free to define their lives and enjoy their rights, they not only enjoy better health and healthier children, they are also able to contribute to their families, communities and the nation at large as economic actors & entrepreneurs driving growth and helping the country reap demographic dividend. We aspire to build a synergy so that we can become a voice for the voiceless.


·      Better food security

·      Job creation

·      Poverty reduction

·      Gender discrimination

·      Increase productivity in export & import competitiveness

·      More labor market participation

·      Training and capacity building

·      Positioning for loans and grants


AWITA is concerned and targeted on how trade and agriculture can contribute to economic empowerment. Our inclusion through networking and capacity building to grow and develop business will be essential in the implementation and success of regional, continental and global trades.


·      Investing in the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge in various areas of trade and agriculture.

·      Integrated approach to women empowerment driving on local, regional and international partnership and collaboration.

·      Require effective advocacy and creation of viable enterprises.

·      Rural women to realize their full potentials for representative and economic strength for self-reliance.

·      Influence through advocacy, economic agenda and government policies on issues of interest to women entrepreneurs.

·      To provide healthcare system and education for women traders and farmers.

·      Caring and creating skills/ empowerment supports for widows.


·      Exhibitions, fairs and trade missions

·      Periodic network meetings

·      Annual summit

·      Mentoring programs, training, capacity building

·      Periodic infrastructure and financial empowerment scheme

·      Cooperative & multipurpose scheme

·      Education scheme

·      Leadership conference

·      ICT trainings/updates.

Covid-19 Support
  • Palliatives were given to the registered members
  • Trainings on the digital marketing was organized