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The Assembly Innovation Hub Ltd
The Assembly Innovation Hub Ltd

The Assembly is a URL/IRL hub based in Lagos Nigeria. We support fashion and visual arts creatives and professionals through providing business education,

creative skills development and mentoring.

We address high barriers to entry, low industry standards, and job opportunities. We do this through empowering our community with the

right resources, industry access and collaborative opportunities to thrive and create value for themselves and the eco-system.

Covid-19 Support

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we sought to address the limitations of conventional masks and PPE (e.g. low supply, single-use, poor fitting, lack of antiviral properties) by leveraging interdisciplinary expertise rapidly produce and test new designs for PPE that will help to minimize risk of exposure to infectious threats.

Our partnerships ensure quality and reach to where it matters most.

We went on to expand into the mass manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including hospital overalls, scrubs and face masks with MASK ASSEMBLY, which aims to provide quality PPE for frontline workers, hospitals and at-risk communities as part of its effort to flatten the curve and support the local fashion industry. “When cases were on the rise, our immediate goal was to assemble our network to produce supplemental PPE for frontline workers, hospitals and at-risk communities. Considering the fashion industry is one of the sector badly hit by the pandemic we not only wanted to contribute support for businesses and young entrepreneurs but demonstrate the important role the fashion and garment sector play in curbing the crisis,”