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Regamos Foundation
Regamos Foundation

REGAMOS Foundation (RAF) is a private, voluntary, non-profit, faith-based, Non-Governmental Organization focused on easing the burden of widows, orphans and youth.

OUR MISSION: To improve the livelihood of widows, young people, abused girls and the less privileged through Advocacy, Education, Economic Empowerment, Psychological Support, Entrepreneurship Training and Community Development Initiatives.

OUR VISION: Transforming lives through empowerment OUR VALUES Love and Compassion, Obedience to God’s call, Long Term Commitment, Respect for every Individual, Partnership, Teamwork, Integrity and Accountability.


·        To improve the economic power of widows, youth and less privilege through education and empowerment programmes To provide training and mentorship support for widows, young people and less privileged through entrepreneurial initiatives

·        To increase awareness on adolescent sexual/health education and career development; women and vulnerable children through a community based programme to create safe and enabling communities.

·        To collaborate with like-minded organizations in the community, regional and international levels for the benefit of target beneficiaries, communities and the world at large

Since inception, the REGAMOS Foundation has been carrying out several intervention programmes to her targeted beneficiaries and these programmes are categorized into departments, namely; Education and Counselling, Business and Economic Development, Health Care, Vocational Training and Skill Acquisition, Material Needs and Welfare.

THE REGAMOS FOUNDATION PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: We offer platforms for our partners to collaborate with us in solving the issues that affect widows and orphans through the provision of free services such as:

·        Healthcare Services

·        Technology

·        Human Capital Development/Training

·        Skills acquisition and vocational training.

·        Agribusiness (farming, fishery, piggery, poultry, etc.)  

·        Mentorship Programme

Our empowerment programs are categorised into WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and YOUTH DEVELOPMENT.

The Empowerment Program is delivered through the following initiatives:

1. Microcredit Scheme (MICS)

2. Skills Acquisition & Vocational Scheme (SAVS)

 3. Small and Medium Enterprise (SAME).

4. RAF Live Support Scheme (RLSS)

5. Agric-Business Scheme (ABS)

6. Legal Support Services (LSS)

Other programmes we run are RAF Mentoring Programme, RAF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME, The RAF Educational Programme (RAFEP and Community Impact Education Programme (CIEP)

Covid-19 Support

1.      Cash palliatives to widows and families stranded during the lockdown

2.      Convened a mental health webinar at the peak of the lockdown to support the mental health of Nigerians going through tough times. Theme: Mental Wellness: A priority in the COVID 19 crisis on Saturday, 4th July 2020

3.       Trained women on how to make Natural Body Moisturizing soap in June 25th, this was a facebook live event.

4.      Visited the Arrow of God Orphanage to give out food items during the lock down. After the lockdown revisited the orphanage to train the teachers in their primary/nursery school on 'The use of technology to deliver online lessons' as the pupils have not received any form of learning due to the lockdown.

5.      Trained widows on how to make liquid soap and starter packs and free mentoring for 6 months on-going. All beneficiary are presently in the business of soap making and their progress is being monitored,

6.      Due to the increased incidences of rape and female domestic violence during the lockdown, in collaboration with another NGO, we organized a webinar, ‘Dealing with the Rising epidemic of  Sexual Abuse’