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Port Harcourt Exporters Cluster Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited

Agro Processing Training, Processing and Packaging of Agro commodities, Branding and Packaging of Products to international standard. Market sourcing […]
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The Institute of Export Operations & Management (IEOM), LT/GE is a Trade Support Institution (TSI) established in 2014, to provide knowledge and techn[…]
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The acronym WIBAT '' cannotes Women in Business And Tourism ''We are a conglomerate of business women from all sectors and industries of the economy w[…]
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Women Enterprise Alliance

Women Enterprise Alliance (WenA) is a registered non-government Organization with a mission to produce world-class and diverse entrepreneurs who meet […]
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Photizo Life Foundation

Photizo Life Foundation is an organisation established to ensure the mental health and social wellbeing of members of the society. We do this through […]
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The Assembly Innovation Hub Ltd

The Assembly is a URL/IRL hub based in Lagos Nigeria. We support fashion and visual arts creatives and professionals through providing business educat[…]
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Association of Nigerian Women In Business (ANWIB)

The Association of Nigerian Women in Business (ANWIB), is a strong voice advocating for the socioeconomic rights and empowerment of women entrepreneur[…]
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Association of Women in Trade and Agriculture (AWITA)

WHO WE AREThe Association of Women in Trade and Agriculture (AWITA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Nigerian Women in Trade and Ag[…]
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BPW Nigeria aims to unite business and professional women in all parts of the world toWork for women's: • economic independence • equal opportunit[…]
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African Women Entrepreneurship Programme Nigeria Chapter

African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) is an outreach, education, and engagement initiative that targets African women entrepreneurs across Afr[…]