Out-of-country trade promotion

NEPC provides services on out-of-country trade promotion to facilitate meetings between Nigerian exporters and you as buyer. These include trade fair support, solo exhibitions, roadshows, out-of-country missions and contact promotion programmes. We can help you through offering:


  • Screening and preparation
    • NEPC exports Nigeria - trade promotion servicesScreening / selection process to identify and invite your preferred exporters
    • Pre-meeting briefing / preparation session to generate successful meetings
  • Organization and planning
    • Provide meeting venues / roadshow plans
    • Liaise with relevant embassies
    • Provide funding for events to support contact moments
    • Facilitate collaboration with other private and public agencies
  • Post event services
    • Feedback on agreements and orders generated at meetings
    • Identify and collate any follow-up challenges
    • Liaise with relevant agencies to mitigate identified challenges
    • Support of ensuring that exported goods have the right and specified buyer requirements 


Interested in any of these services? Please contact us for our assistance.