Strategic partners

NEPC has lots of collaborations in the form of strategic partners, both national and international. Check out more details about our partners below. 


International partners


Some important international partners are supporting us in all aspects of trade development. They play a very important role in increasing Nigeria as reliable and high-quality trading partner.




Development of a new UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) is a specialised agency in the United Nations system. Its primary objective is the promotion of international industrial cooperation. Their interventions are mainly focused on ensuring sustainability of quality. In Nigeria they have run several projects to support the Nigerian value chains being conform international standards.


NEPC / Partner highlights

Collaboration between UNIDO and NEPC includes multiple great highlights including:

  • Development of quality assurance (and corresponding bodies) in several value chains in Nigeria through the National Quality Infrastructure Programme (NQIP).
  • Conduit of Excellence Programme, focusing on removing constraint of dry beans exports to the EU
  • trade information portal and capacity building in content creation / trade information services and development for NEPC
  • Establishment of ISO 9001: 2015 training centre for NEPC to ensure accredited trainers and assessors

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2. ITC


ITC (International Trade Centre) is a multilateral agency which has a joint mandate with the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. These are established through the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. 



NEPC / Partner highlights

ITC and NEPC worked together towards numerous highlights so far including:

  • Offered technical support for the implementation Standard Trade Development Facility
  • Initiated “SheTrades” for increase of women involvement in export trade throughout Nigeria

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3. CBI


CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries) contributes to sustainable and inclusive economic development in developing countries. This is achieved through the expansion of exports from such countries to Europe.CBI supported in Nigeria through Export Competency Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Market Awareness Programmes for Nigerian exporters are provided over the years as well.




NEPC / Partner highlights

Together with CBI, NEPC achieved some beautiful highlights so far:

  • Export Competency Development Programme (ECP) of SMEs in the cocoa, cashew and sesame sectors
  • Market Awareness Mission and business-to-business (B2B) meetings with potential buyers organised in the EU

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National partners 


Our national partners all play a role in Nigeria’s trade development and improvement. Read more about what they do in order to make trading with us as easy as possible!




The agency is responsible for regulating and control of the importation, exportation, manufacture, advertisement, distribution, sale and use of regulated products. The mandate of the agency is to regulate and control the manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, advertisement, sale and use of Food, Drugs, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Packaged Water, Chemicals and Detergents (collectively known as regulated products).


NEPC / Partner highlights

  • Partnership on the STDF 172 on Shea butter and Sesame Seed – the project goal was to achieve quality control and food safety of these commodities
  • Member, Implementation Committee on “Nigerian ECOWAS Export Development (NEED) – Committee task with the responsibility to grow the exportation of Nigerian products to the West African sub-region
  • Partnership on the STDF 172 on Shea butter and Sesame Seed – the project goal was to achieve quality control and food safety of these commodities
  • Member, Inter-Ministerial Committee on Food Rejects of Nigerian products – The Committee is to ensure consistent and stringent management of all exportable products

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2. SON


The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) is the apex standardization body in Nigeria. It was established to prepare standards relating to products, measurements, materials and processes, certification of Industrial products as well as assist in the production of quality goods at the national, regional and international levels.The mandate of the organization includes the following:

  • Designation, establishment, approval and declaration of standards in respect of metrology, materials, commodities, structures and processes
  • Certification of products in commerce and industry throughout Nigeria
  • Quality control of products, weights and measures
  • Matters relating to metrology- ensure reference standards for calibration and verification of measures and measuring instruments
  • Investigation of quality of products etc.
  • Enforcement of Standards
  • Quality management


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The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture is the umbrella body for all the various affiliate member chambers within the country.Membership is voluntary, and it encompasses City, State and Bilateral Chambers, Business/Professional Association and Corporate Bodies. It plays an advocacy role and influences public policies that promote free enterprise in accordance with contemporary ideas of the chambers of Commerce Movement in a relatively free enterprise global economy.



NACCIMA is also a foundation member of the Federation of the West African Chambers of Commerce which provides the common platform for economic operators in the West African sub-region which is covered by the ECOWAS. The Association is also a member of International Chamber of Commerce, ICC headquartered in Paris and the African Chambers of Commerce in Cairo.


NEPC / Partner highlights 

  • Partnership to drive the Zero Oil Plan (ZOP)
  • Establishment of a National Export Trade House through the MAN Export Group to promote trade across Africa and the ECOWAS sub-region in particular
  • Provides Certificate of Origin to Exporters

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4. MAN


The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria is a national industrial association serving and representing over 2000 companies in private and public sectors in manufacturing, construction and service sectors of the national economy.




NEPC / Partner highlights

  • Establishment of a National Export Trade House through the MAN Export Group to promote trade across Africa and the ECOWAS sub-region in particular

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The Cocoa Association of Nigeria (CAN) was established to meet the peculiar needs of cocoa farmers, stakeholders, development and other partners in ensuring the sustainability and development of the sector. It is the private sector representative of Nigeria in all international organizations involved in cocoa, viz, International Cocoa Organization, Cocoa Producers Alliance, Common Fund for Commodities.


NEPC / Partner highlights


  • Capacity Building on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  • Development of Cocoa through increased production in line with the Zero Oil Plan

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