Why buy from Nigeria

There are  very good reasons to source your products from Nigeria. Our country has well developed export logistics, diverse and consistent production, international standard quality assurance. In addition we are an award-winning export country! 

1. Award-winning sourcing country

We are developing and expanding fast in our product offer for international markets. Our trade performance is constantly increasing and improving through several projects. Investments in local capacity building enhances sustainable and high-quality Nigerian exports.

NEPC winners group photo carousel

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) is the winner of the  World Trade Promotion Organization (WTPO) Award 2018 (International Trade Centre, ITC): “Best initiative to ensure that trade is inclusive and sustainable”.


2. Quality is assured

There are three Nigerian competent authorities that ensure quality assurance:

  • NEPC Premium Quality in NigeriaNAQS (Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Services) – issues the phyto-sanitary certificate for export after inspection for agricultural commodities
  • NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) – issues health certificate (sanitary) for export of processed and semi-processed food items
  • DVPCS (Department of Veterinary and Pest Control Services) – issues the international veterinary export document for products of animal and animal origin.

These authorities together ensure that products exported from Nigeria adhere to international standards. Besides the availability of these quality competent authorities, UNIDO has supported developments of quality products through the creation and implementation of:

  • Certification bodies
  • National accreditation system
  • Training institutes for quality assurance
  • An integrated export control plan (food safety standards, documentation)

Above all, the Nigerian environment guarantees  internationally recognized quality standards and it is only improving!


3. Diverse and Consistent Production

Nigeria’s large geographical size translates to a diverse range of climates across the country. These diverse agro ecological zones provide conducive conditions for the production of a wide variety of agricultural products in the country, while also ensuring consistent supply.

Looking for more product specific information of a selection of our unique country offer? Check out the product profiles! 


4. Well developed export logistics

Nigeria is amongst the top African countries in sea freight and cargo handling. Apapa port is the largest  in West Africa. Tin Can port was among the top 5 largest ports of West Africa in 2017 as well, based on total cargo volume. Total cargo throughput at Nigerian ports reached over 70,000 kilotons in 2017, according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS). 

NEPC Lagos port top view

Also other ports like Onne, Rivers, Calabar and Delta handle significant cargo volumes on an annual basis. The availability of several ports combined with government’s commitment to having dedicated terminals for agricultural products makes exports seamless. All major shipping companies are present at our ports. Check our logistics page for more information.