(Dry) Beans

Efforts in developing  and improving the quality of Nigerian (dry) beans are beginning to yield positive results.

Reasons to buy

  1. High quality beans are guaranteed from the Conduit of Excellence concept, developed in partnership with UNIDO. This concept improved quality, safety, integrity and standards of Nigerian beans.
  2. We have an integrated export control plan for beans in place (developed with UNIDO). This ensures compliance to international food safety standards and documentation.
  3. As world-leading producer of dry beans we can guarantee the most sustainable supply base worldwide.
  4. There is huge potential for production increase due to large expanses of arable land and low labour requirement.
  5. Nigerian beans are rich in diversity. We have over ten different varieties planted, offering you a wide range of options.

Sector information

Nigeria is the number one world producer of dry beans. From our 4.5 million hectares land we are producing 58% of the global production. We can adapt to buyer demand. Our beans have a short gestation period due to the development of improved varieties. Adherence of good warehousing practices ensure storage and thus supply all year around.

Companies and structure

The Nigerian beans are produced mainly in small-scale and subsistence farms. The sector is dominated by smallholder farmers that are currently mainly producing for the local market. Warehouse practitioners and merchants are important actors in the value chain as well, especially when it comes to exports. Processors of value-added beans products are available and able to export from Nigeria.


Role of NEPC

The Council widely supports (dry) beans trade from Nigeria. Key activities include:

  • Supporting quality infrastructure
    The NEPC provides capacity building programs for actors in the beans industry on compliance to food safety standards.
  • Exporters’ directory
    The NEPC provides a platform for prospective buyers to source for information on reliable exporters of (dry) beans.
  • Exporter certificate verification portal
    Being able to authenticate the export credentials of a company is a very important step in establishing confidence. The NEPC provides an electronic method of verifying the exporters’ certificate.
  • Product map
    Where location of products is important to a buyer, a display of geographical locations of products in states/regions in Nigeria is available. A buyer can have a firsthand view of the products available in different parts of the country.
  • International Trade Shows
    Periodically the Council presents opportunities for face to face contact between Nigerian sellers and international buyers of made in Nigeria products through participation in International Trade Fairs, Solo Exhibitions, Trade missions amongst others . This allows export deals to be concluded in a conducive environment.

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Featured exporters

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