Find below why Nigerian ginger is  preferred in the international market.

Reasons to buy

  1. We can guarantee consistency of supply with more than 522,000 metric tonnes annual production. Nigeria is the leading producer of ginger in Africa and the fourth largest producer in the world.
  2. Ginger from Nigeria is extremely tasteful. Our products are renowned for its pungency and high levels of oleoresin oil, which provide added flavours to food.
  3. Our ginger exports guarantee both competitive prices and adherence to food safety standards. The sector is, with a market driven economy model, highly liberalized. It is backed by a constantly evolving national quality infrastructure (NQI).
  4. Nigerian suppliers are able to produce and export several forms and variaties of ginger. These include fresh, dried-split and crushed, giving options to diverse categories of importers.

Sector information

Producing almost 523,000 metric tonnes annually, Nigeria is among the world largest producers of ginger (FAO, 2016). Our country has 14% share in total global production and is projected to keep growing at 6% per annum. Around 90% of our production is exported. Our ginger especially stands out because of its pungency and high level of oleoresin oil, the active ingredient most people look for in ginger.

The season for ginger runs from May to October. Supply goes on for upward of nine months, guaranteeing sustainable exports. All exporting companies in Nigeria comply with the important food safety standards (SPS). Adherence to best practices and food safety measures at all steps in the value chain is ensured, from farmer to exporter.

Companies and structure

There is some commercial large scale farming, but most of Nigerian ginger production is conducted by smallholder farmers. They constitute for around 90% of the sector. The ginger is produced in the Northern part of our country. It is a gender friendly sector. Value chain actors (like producers, processors, service providers and exporters) engage women in various activities across the ecosystem. This supports in elevating their economic status.

Trade performance

Exports of Nigerian ginger grew with 5.6% per year from 2014, reaching over 42.5 million USD in exported value in 2017. Main export destinations are diverse and include African, Middle-Eastern and European markets.

NEPC - Ginger total export value - Nigeria exports
NEPC - Ginger export destinations - Nigeria exports

Role of NEPC

The Council aims to support trade of ginger from Nigeria. Key activities include:

  • Exporters’ directory
    The NEPC provides a platform for prospective buyers to source for information on reliable exporters of cashew.
  • Exporter certificate verification portal
    Being able to authenticate the export credentials of a company is a very important step in establishing confidence. The NEPC provides an electronic method of verifying the exporters’ certificate.
  • International Trade Shows
    Periodically the Council presents opportunities for face to face contact between Nigerian sellers and international buyers of made in Nigeria products through participation in International Trade Fairs, Solo Exhibitions, Trade missions amongst others . This allows export deals to be concluded in a conducive environment

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National Ginger Association of Nigeria (NGAN)

NGAN is an agricultural commodity association that develops and promotes standards for ginger production throughout the states of Nigeria. They function at various levels to continually ensure all Nigerian ginger meets international market standards.

Featured exporters

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Enkay is a leading exporter of agro products from Nigeria. We are well established, with almost twenty years of presence in Nigeria. Our core strengths are: our capabilities to procure quality agriculture produce directly from the farm in-house capacities for primary processing of agro commodities and customised solutions for customers   [Show: Enkay Indo Nigerian Industries Ltd.]