Support in collective trade promotion services

We have participated in about 40 trade fairs with 500 Nigerian SMEs over the last ten years. This helped these exporters e.g. to enable them gaining market access. Our core trade promotion activities include trade fair participation and (incoming and outgoing) buyer-seller missions.

Trade fairs

We offer full support with respect to trade fair participation. This includes:

  • General information – ten tips for successful participation in trade fairs
  • Pre-fair information – culture, currency information, customs requirements, briefing and selection exercise
  • Concrete support – pavilion (space), freighting samples, logistical / practical support
  • Protocol support – visa, flight information
  • Financial support – 50% ticket rebate

Want to check out relevant international trade fairs for your business? Check out our event calendar!


Buyer-seller missions

Another valuable trade promotion activity is organising buyer-seller missions. NEPC organised about 15 missions in the last 5 years in different regions and had over 200 Nigerian companies participating! Our offering includes:

  • Planning and organisation – tailored audience, pavilion, background information, and more
  • Logistics and movement – freighting samples, transportation, financial support: 50% ticket rebate
  • Protocol assistance – visa, flight information

Check out if there are any upcoming buyer-seller missions in our event calendar.



Want to receive more information with respect to trade fairs or buyer-seller missions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.