November 6, 2021


  • Soyabeans were introduced to Nigeria in 1908; The first export was in 1947.
  • Improving quality and increasing yields
  • 17 Producing States.
  • Smallholders and commercial farmers.
  • The crop is well- suited for Nigeria
  • Soybean crop farming is spread equally between north and middle belt region.
  • Nigeria’s soyabeans production is rising steadily spurred by favourable grower prices and high demand.



  • Nigeria farmers through FMARD are making efforts at increasing production.
  • Development of improved soybean varieties
  • Soyabeans have an average protein content of 40%. It is more protein rich than any of the common vegetable or animal food sources found in Nigeria
  • The Government supports the soyabean sector.


Did you know?

  • Nigeria’s soya beans sector has an advantage of being a country that only allows the farming of Non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO) which have a niche demand in global market.
  • In Nigeria the crop can be grown successfully even with the use of low agricultural inputs.
  • Nigeria’s demand for soya bean will keep growing at a brisk pace. It is estimated that the domestic soybean requirement will grow to 3,000-3,500 TMT by 2040.

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