Having specific questions about your exports? Please check out the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and corresponding answers below. Cannot find your question? Contact us here!

1. What can NEPC do for me?

NEPC can assist, advice and guide you on how to embark on successful export business. Find out all the services that we offer.

2. How do I obtain an exporter's certificate?

You can obtain an exporter’s certificate by filling in the online form after meeting the requirements. Find out everything about the registration guidelines.

3. I am new to export business, where do I start?

You can start by assessing your company using the Export Readiness Checker. Find out if you are ready for exports yet!

4. What products are banned for exports?

The Nigerian Customs Service have been prohibited some items for exports. This means you are not allowed to export these goods. Any attempt to smuggle them across the border will be deemed illegal. You can visit the Customs website for more information about prohibited products.

5. How can I get buyers for my products?

There are various ways of getting buyers for your products. NEPC has some resources to help you get started in finding international buyers.

6. Can NEPC fund my exports?

NEPC is the government agency responsible for the promotion of non-oil exports. NEPC does not provide direct funding for exports. However, the Export Expansion Grant scheme (a Federal Government intervention) is a post-shipment initiative for export development. The Export Expansion Grant entails the provision of non-cash grant to exporters. This incentive aims to enable exporters (meeting certain requirements) expanding export volume and value. You will find more information at export incentives.

7. How can I access export incentives?

Export incentives are aimed to encourage and assist companies to increase non-oil exports from Nigeria. Both product diversification and increasing existing non-oil exports are supported. One of the requirements in accessing export incentives is registering your company with the NEPC. Want to learn more? Find out all about requirements, benefits and procedures with respect to available export incentives.

8. How do I participate in overseas trade fairs?

If NEPC will be present at an overseas trade fair, you can participate by filling in an online application form. Otherwise, visit the website of the trade fair and register directly. All large global trade fairs can be found in our events calender. Check out the event you are interested in and directly find out whether you can register via NEPC or directly!

9. What type of training programmes are organized by NEPC?

NEPC offers, amongst others, a Zero to Export training programme (capacity building) and the Export Clinic for newly registered companies. The trainings are aimed at developing and improving export skills. It nurtures and updates exporters on trade developments and business opportunities in international markets. Check out the events calendar for more information about upcoming programmes.

10. What certificates do I need to export my products?

The needed certificates depend on the product(s) you are exporting. Some relevant organizations include

  • NAFDAC (health certificate)
  • NAQS (phyto-sanitary certificate)
  • DVPCS (international veterinary certificate)

Want to learn all about certificates and how it helps your international business? Then read more about quality competent authorities.

11. Can NEPC help with pricing for export?

Yes! We provide most important information and helpful tips with respect to export pricing to help you getting started with exports.

12. What are Rules of Origin?

Rules of Origin (ROO) are the criteria needed to determine the national source of a product. These are used to define where a product was made. ROO are important for implementing other trade policy measures.

13. Does NEPC provide information about promising markets?

NEPC currently offers information about promising markets for some focus products for exports from Nigeria. Both videos and one-page reports are available on the Market Information-pages for the focus products. Cannot find the product you are exporting? Please be patient, as more reports will be available soon! Just regularly check out the most recent publications, or subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

14. What do I do if I fall into commercial dispute with my buyer in an overseas market?

NEPC is often called upon to aid Nigerian companies involved in commercial disputes. Often there is little that we can do to assist in these situations. You are advised to engage the services of a legal practitioner before and after transaction. We do provide basic information about legal issues for exports.