Nigeria – Africa Trade and Investment Promotion Programme (“NATIPP”)

September 6, 2019



The Nigeria – Africa Trade and Investment Promotion Programme (“NATIPP”) is a joint programme launched by the African Export-Import Bank (“AFREXIMBANK”) in collaboration with the Nigerian Export-Import Bank (“NEXIM”) and Nigerian Export Promotion Council (“NEPC”).

Programme Amount:  US$1 billion.



The aim of NATIPP is to facilitate the expansion of Nigeria’s trade and investment with the rest of Africa in a bid to promote economic integration in the continent.

Specifically, NATIPP will:

  • Provide financing and/or payment assurances/ guarantees   in support of Nigeria’s trade and investments with other  African countries;
  • Avail the Country Export Programme (COEXPRO) to enhance Nigeria’s trade and export related    activities through export advisory services, financing,    advocacy and capacity building    initiatives;
  • Support development of industrial parks and export processing zones in Nigeria through financing, technical    assistance and other forms of investment promotion; – Avail Global Facilities to Nigerian multinational corporations    operating in multiple countries in Africa;
  • Support emergence and expansion of Export Trading Companies (ETCs) in Nigeria;
  • Provide financing to Maritime Merchants and ServiceProviders in Nigeria;
  • Support the expansion of the Nigerian Creative Industry including but not limited to the film, entertainment and    fashion industries;
  • Support trade between Nigeria and the Nigerian Diaspora by among other things supporting acquisition and/or    setting up ofeligible franchises in trade and trade related    activities and services;
  • Support Nigerian companies and SMEs through a suite of products, programmes and services; and
  • Provide advisory services to Nigerian investors to facilitate a higher volume of trade and investment between Nigeria and other African countries.


Benefits of the Programme include:

  • Expansion of trade in goods and services between Nigeria and other African countries as well as with Nigerian  Diaspora;
  • Growth of Nigerian SMEs by enabling them to expand their exports;
  • Improved accessibility to trade finance solutions by using a variety of different instruments such as Letters of Credit    (LC) Confirmation, Pre-export Finance, Payment Guarantees, Country Risk Guarantees, Investment    Guarantees, Forfaiting and Factoring solutions to Nigerian    businesses exporting to or importing from other African    countries;
  • Increased investments by Nigerian businesses seeking to invest in other African countries;
  • Expanded opportunities for Nigerian companies bidding for and executing large contracts in other African countries by    offering a variety of financing instruments such as Bid    Bonds, Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Guarantees,Working Capital Guarantees, Supplier Finance as well as  Export Credit Guarantees;



  • Eligible Transactions
  • Transactions supporting the exchange of goods and services between Nigeria and other African countries as    well as with Nigerians in Diaspora;
  • Projects being sponsored by Nigerian companies in other countries
  • Franchises set up by Nigerians in Diaspora actively trading with Nigerian businesses in various sectors including but    not limited to ethnic foods, entertainment, fashion and
  • Export oriented projects promoted by Nigerian entities;– Transactions supporting capital and investment flows between Nigeria and other African countries; – Transactions supporting investments in manufacturing    and processing of goods and services that will be traded    between Nigeria and other African countries as well as with    Nigerians in Diaspora.


Eligible Items

All goods and services will be eligible for support except:

  • Armaments, ammunition and other military equipment;
  • Psychotropic drugs or narcotics;
  • All items for which international trade is prohibited for environmental reasons or by international conventions;
  • Pornographic and obscene materials.


How To Apply


The following information will be required at application stage:

  • Brief information about the transaction or project;
  • Company Profile and Ownership Structure;
  • Board and Management Profiles;
  • 3 years most recent financial statements and cash flow projections, as may be applicable;
  • Business plan;
  • Project Information Memorandum (where applicable);
  • Any other information as may be required under NATIPP



All enquiries regarding this programme should be sent to:

  • NEXIM:
  • Afreximbank:
  • NEPC:


Applications should be addressed to:

Specialised Business Department Nigerian Export Import Bank (NEXIM) NEXIM HOUSE, Plot 975 Cadastral Zone AO, Central Business District,  Garki, Abuja Nigeria .