Growing with NEPC

September 4, 2020

Its always a joy to work with young entrepreneurs who have a vision, take the right steps to growing it and realize  the impact that the NEPC can have in providing them with the exponential growth and recognition their businesses need to thrive in the global marketplace.

Some of such young entrepreneurs are Ogugua Okonkwo, CEO @styletemple, Daniella Ekwueme, CEO@PassthePamii and Jide Ipaye, CEO @keexstribe

Ogugua Okonkwo, CEO Style Temple is a young Nigerian fashion designer who, on her own has achieved national and international acclaim. She has been featured on Beyonce’s website as part of her globally praised ” The Black Parade” business directory, she has collaborated with Lanre DaSilva on Lagos Fashion Week, she was featured in Vogue(2018), she trains  30 participants quarterly.


Young Nigerian entrepreneur Daniella Ekwueme  breaks new ground in the Nigerian liquor market with her blossoming bottled palmwine company PAMII, a naturally brewed premium palmwine. NEPC will start with the #PassThePamii pilot shipment to the UK.


Jide Ipaiye CEO @keexstribe, is currently dominating the footwear industry as the first innovative and social footwear brand in Africa. Promoting not just the footwear but the Keexs lifestyle through the Keexs eMotion seeking to debunk every excuse one can think of not to exercise any more !

All resounding successes on their own, decided to come to the NEPC to pursue consultations and partnerships for new opportunities for international growth. We outlined ways in which NEPC will provide them with technical support in order to build up on their strong foundations.