NEPC host official delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the Council’s Headquarters, Maitama Abuja.

June 25, 2024

The 3 – Man delegation was led by His Excellency Khalid Almannaei, the CEO of Vice President’s Office for Political Affairs of the UAE. Other members of the delegation were Abudulla Pludis (MFA) and Nasa Alrahma

He informed the ED/CEO that he visited Nigeria after President Bola Tinubu’s visit to UAE to sign and ratify agreements during the presidential visit and that presently they were on the stage of optimizing all the opportunities therein.

He also informed the ED/CEO of their planned Nigeria-United Arab Emirates Business Forum in October, 2024 and requested the Council to invite companies from Nigeria to participate at the event.

The ED/CEO in her response explained the mandate of the Council as the nation’s lead agency for the development and promotion of Nigeria’s non-oil exports namely Agriculture, Solid Minerals, Manufactured products and services among others.

She further said that the Council has done much in that space and intends to do more in ensuring that non-oil exports is doubled in the near future.

She further described the UAE as an export hub and promised to work with the team to realize the objective of the visit.